Alexander River

Drill-ready with 1.2km long outcropping quartz reef

Drill-ready with 1.2km long outcropping quartz reef

Tenement: EP 60446

Area: 16.75 km2

Ownership: 100%

Historical Production: 41koz at 26.4g/t Au (cut off grade 15g/t Au). Mine closed in 1942 due to WWII.

Status: Drill permits held

Exploration: 1.2km long outcropping quartz reef with mineralization defined by surface trenching over 800m long and 4m wide @ 8g/t Au. Width suitable for mechanized mining.

Located: 15km from the Blackwater Mine (740koz @ 14.6g/t Au)

Significant resource potential

Trenching of quartz reef outcrop (over 800m long, 4m wide @ +8.0g/t)

Surface trenching grades
4.5m @  12.9g/t Au (Bull)
8.0m @ 7.5g/t Au (McVicar)
2.2m @ 35.4g/t Au (McVicar)
9.3m @ 10.7g/t Au (Bruno)
4.2m @ 7.6g/t Au (Bruno)
3.0m @ 19.0g/t Au (Bruno)
3.0m @ 8.5g/t Au (Bruno)
2.7m @ 15.7g/t Au (Bruno)
2.4m @ 9.3g/t Au (Bruno)

High-grade trench & underground channel sampling (plan view)

High-grade trench & underground channel sampling (plan view)

Exploration Strategy – Alexander River

Numerous “High Grade” veins within the 1,200m long quartz reef

Drilling Strategy (3,700m)

  • Phase 1 - Drilling 1,500m
  • 24 drill holes 100m apart with two holes per section.
  • intersecting reef at 25m and 75m  effective depth coverage 100m below surface
  • Phase 2 – Drilling 2,200m
  • 12 drill holes 100m apart
  • depth coverage 150m below surface

Exploration Strategy – Alexander River

Exploration Strategy – Alexander River

Alexander River - Comparable to Blackwater

Alexander River
(Siren Gold)

  • 1,200m strike length
  • Historical production of 41koz @ 26.4g/t Au (ceased during WWII)
  • McVicar Lode mined to 250m and current depth potential unknown
  • Alexander River potentially larger than Blackwater due to increased strike length (800m - 1,200m).

Alexander River (Condamine)

(Federation Gold)

  • 800m long strike length.
  • Historical production of 1.58Mt @ 14.6g/t Au for 740koz to 700m depth
  • Mined to 700m and open at depth to 1,500m
  • Resource of 700koz to a depth of 1,500m  (0.9Mt @ 23g/t Au)
  • Federation Gold agreement with OGC to purchase asset and provide first US$5m funding
  • Mining permit approved (6 months)
  • Provincial growth fund have provided a $15m loan

Blackwater (Tasman Mining)